Tuesday, 17 November 2015

'You have sent a message in a trashed conversation...'

For resolving this issue, try out these tips:
You may be answering back to a message that's probably part of an earlier deleted conversation. Remember when you’re clicking the Delete button; it shifts the complete conversation (not only a single message) to the trash. If this is the issue, you can simply move that particular conversation out of Trash. Also, it's possible to delete a single message.
Please ensure that you haven't made any filters with the action ‘Delete’ it that may have an effect on the messages in question. If you’re having several filters or have intricate filters in place, you might have to edit the Delete it action to make sure that they aren't at fault.
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If you have allowed forwarding in your account, make sure that you haven't chosen delete Gmail's copy in your forwarding selection.
If you use a POP client for accessing mail, make sure that you haven't chosen delete Gmail's copy in step two of your POP download options.
If you access your mail from different POP clients (with the latest mode), make sure that you've chosen Leave a copy of messages on the server in your client’s configuration settings.

If you are unable to fix the problem, please Contact Hotmail

“Unauthenticated email” error message when sending messages

If you’re using Gmail for sending a message to any other or say, non-Gmail email address, and gets an automatic bounce message saying something like, “Unauthenticated email from [email domain] is not accepted because of the DMARC policy of domain,” try altering your settings to resolve the issue. Also check the Hotmail account hacked documentation.
Change your settings in Email-
1.      Initially open Email.
2.      Click on the gear in the top right corner.
3.      Choose Settings.
4.      Go through the Accounts and Import tab.
5.      In the Send mail as section, get through the email address you have tried to send from and hit it off the edit info on the right corner.
6.      Proceed to the Next Step.
7.      Pick Send through [email domain] SMTP servers, the second option.
8.      Keep the default Port settings and SMTP Server unless they’re blank or you are aware that they should be modified. For assistance with these settings, you can visit the help and support center of your other particular email provider.
9.      You may have to put your password for your other e-mail address.
10.  Hit off the Save Changes.
 If still the things are not working or you need more assistance, get in touch with Hotmail contact number for your email address.

Problem in Sending an Email Message

Email is the essential part of our everyday life is also not devoid of problems. Whatever may be the problem is, it is surely a bothering issue. Loose connection or lost messages are some of the common problems for which you can have the appropriate solution. Nevertheless, there are certain problems related to your mails that can be annoying and frustrating to you. For getting help with email problems related to Hotmail, please get in touch with Hotmail customer service.
Many people often face problem while sending an email. Though sending email is a very easy task but this sending activity can be pending even when the connection is perfect. You may find your mail message in the sent box. Now, this is a software issue resulted from corruption or damage of some email messages.
Contact Hotmail if you are unable to fix any problems.
An easy to this problem is copy your unsent email message as the text and save it in your PC's hard drive. Once you have saved all your unsent messages, you should clean up outbox and start again. After fixing the problem, you can copy your unsent messages back to the mail and resend them. You can sign out from your email account and then again sign in and try sending the mail. If you’re still facing an issue in sending mail then online technical support team can help you to clean up your outbox. Hotmail Help will be able to help you out with all problems pertaining to your Hotmail email account.

How to Prevent Identity Theft through Email?

Consumers face the risk of identity theft on a daily basis. They have to accept the reality of this crime and as they do so, they have to understand it. To take back a stolen identity is time-consuming, costly, and laborious. Preventing hefty personal and financial damages is more practical.
Learning how to protect yourself from identity theft is a vital need in this day and age. Technology has enabled thieves to be more creative and resourceful in what they do.
Please refer to the Hotmail account hacked documentation for more information.
Preventing Identity Fraud through Email
Identity thieves are masters of identity theft online. They sneak into every possible area just to get information from unknowing social networkers and email users. Emails enter your inboxes and just sit there until you open them. These emails could be potential secret weapons that enable the thieves to steal from you.
If you're the type to open emails all the time, then keep the following in mind to prevent email identity fraud:
1. Make sure that your passwords are strong
2. Be careful of the information that you share
3. Protective software
4. Be on guard with your mobile applications and with public Internet connections
5. Check for Phishing Scams
6. Check your credit
Hotmail Support is available for these problems.

You should always be on your feet when it comes to identity theft attempts using emails. Now that you know how to keep email fraud at bay, you can be more confident about keeping your personal and financial information safe.

How to Eliminate Junk Emails

The Internet has become a channel for communication, as people use this to connect online. Nevertheless, you should be careful when communicating or transacting business online. Some people send spam emails, which may contain computer threats. These may lead to identity theft and other forms of the security breach. For these reasons, using anti-spam service is important for individuals and companies. Find out how these solutions can help you stay protected online.
Please contact Hotmail Help if you need support with junk emails.

Preventing Junk Emails
Identify if the message is legitimate. Look at the sender's name and email address before opening the message. Check the time the message came in your mail, as most spam messages come between midnight and 4am. Check the message's file size-junk emails may have a file size of 3KB. Do not click the link, images, or any file provided in the message without scanning them first.
Avoid posting your email address on public forums and websites. Some spam bots and scripts often scan these websites to gather email addresses. Turn on your browser's security settings and spam blocker to stay protected while checking public websites.
Adjust the filter settings of your email account. Filters may create a list of email addresses and domains included in a spam folder. In some cases, filters may reject junk email and bounce them back to the sender. Use email archiving software to organize your contact list and messages more efficiently.
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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Problems related to emails - Part 3

The biggest problem with attachments is that they can be disguised as harmless documents or images, but they could actually be an executable file that is going to send a malicious virus into your computer. This could be a keylogger that is going to record all your keystrokes and allow people to see what you type from a remote location. It could also be spyware of any kind and even allow hackers to send or extract files from your computer. For support with your Hotmail email account, please get in touch with Hotmail Help.
Always be careful with addresses that look almost the same as those from people you know well. You might get an email from someone with the same name as someone you know well, but when you check the address, you will notice an extra dot, or perhaps a missing letter in their email address. Just keep an eye out for this kind of things and you should be able to avoid a serious issue caused by an attempt to scam you with emails.

Problems related to emails - Part 2

The reason why I’m saying this to you above anything else is that you need to understand the main reasons why you need to be careful and always expect people to do terrible and shameless things when they are trying to get your money. You don0t want to be that victim of a scam that ends up saying “I just could not believe someone would dare to do something so low”. You really don’t want to have to learn the hard way. This is not the right thing to end up having to do and you need to make sure that you can avoid this issue as much as possible. Please contact Hotmail if you are using a Hotmail or Outlook account.
I will give you some pointers and guidelines on what you can do in order to guard yourself from these spammers and scammers. The first thing is to always keep an eye out for emails that have attachments. If you see any email with an attachment and you don’t now the sender, you better avoid being curious about it and just don’t open it. You might even be tempted by very alarming subject lines like “your son has been in an accident” or “you will lose your home if you don’t reply to this important letter”. These people will do anything in order to get you open their emails.