Tuesday, 17 November 2015

How to Eliminate Junk Emails

The Internet has become a channel for communication, as people use this to connect online. Nevertheless, you should be careful when communicating or transacting business online. Some people send spam emails, which may contain computer threats. These may lead to identity theft and other forms of the security breach. For these reasons, using anti-spam service is important for individuals and companies. Find out how these solutions can help you stay protected online.
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Preventing Junk Emails
Identify if the message is legitimate. Look at the sender's name and email address before opening the message. Check the time the message came in your mail, as most spam messages come between midnight and 4am. Check the message's file size-junk emails may have a file size of 3KB. Do not click the link, images, or any file provided in the message without scanning them first.
Avoid posting your email address on public forums and websites. Some spam bots and scripts often scan these websites to gather email addresses. Turn on your browser's security settings and spam blocker to stay protected while checking public websites.
Adjust the filter settings of your email account. Filters may create a list of email addresses and domains included in a spam folder. In some cases, filters may reject junk email and bounce them back to the sender. Use email archiving software to organize your contact list and messages more efficiently.
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