Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to keep your email from becoming spam - Part 2

Avoid using certain words and combinations as subject lines.
There is a large database of common spam words and phrases that people are using online at all times and you should be aware of them. They are often used by email clients to decide which emails are spam ad which ones are legitimate. Avoid the use of combinations like “get cash right now” or “make money online” these are way too commonly used by spammers and they are very likely to send your email straight to the spam folders. There is a huge list of spam word combinations and this list keeps growing. Just go online and search for spam word combinations to avoid in subject lines and you will get a lot of results.
Encourage your subscribers to mark your email as safe. To get support with Hotmail, you can get in touch with Hotmail contact number.
You should let your subscribers know that they should mark your email as safe as soon as they subscribe. This is going to ensure that the following emails that you send them is going to make it to their main folder every single time. This is very important and it will secure a potential customer for all kinds of offers you might have available in the future.

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