Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Problem in Sending an Email Message

Email is the essential part of our everyday life is also not devoid of problems. Whatever may be the problem is, it is surely a bothering issue. Loose connection or lost messages are some of the common problems for which you can have the appropriate solution. Nevertheless, there are certain problems related to your mails that can be annoying and frustrating to you. For getting help with email problems related to Hotmail, please get in touch with Hotmail customer service.
Many people often face problem while sending an email. Though sending email is a very easy task but this sending activity can be pending even when the connection is perfect. You may find your mail message in the sent box. Now, this is a software issue resulted from corruption or damage of some email messages.
Contact Hotmail if you are unable to fix any problems.
An easy to this problem is copy your unsent email message as the text and save it in your PC's hard drive. Once you have saved all your unsent messages, you should clean up outbox and start again. After fixing the problem, you can copy your unsent messages back to the mail and resend them. You can sign out from your email account and then again sign in and try sending the mail. If you’re still facing an issue in sending mail then online technical support team can help you to clean up your outbox. Hotmail Help will be able to help you out with all problems pertaining to your Hotmail email account.

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