Tuesday, 17 November 2015

“Unauthenticated email” error message when sending messages

If you’re using Gmail for sending a message to any other or say, non-Gmail email address, and gets an automatic bounce message saying something like, “Unauthenticated email from [email domain] is not accepted because of the DMARC policy of domain,” try altering your settings to resolve the issue. Also check the Hotmail account hacked documentation.
Change your settings in Email-
1.      Initially open Email.
2.      Click on the gear in the top right corner.
3.      Choose Settings.
4.      Go through the Accounts and Import tab.
5.      In the Send mail as section, get through the email address you have tried to send from and hit it off the edit info on the right corner.
6.      Proceed to the Next Step.
7.      Pick Send through [email domain] SMTP servers, the second option.
8.      Keep the default Port settings and SMTP Server unless they’re blank or you are aware that they should be modified. For assistance with these settings, you can visit the help and support center of your other particular email provider.
9.      You may have to put your password for your other e-mail address.
10.  Hit off the Save Changes.
 If still the things are not working or you need more assistance, get in touch with Hotmail contact number for your email address.

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